What is the difference in a Squire Tech Satellite Package verses buying a Satellite Dish from an online wholesaler?

Given that satellite is a semi-mature technology, many customers have the knowledge and experience to assess the technology.  Satellite antennas (the ‘dish’) and modems only make up about 20% of the customer experience.  Buying a dish and components online may save about 5-7% off of buying from a platinum re-seller and authorized installer like Squire Tech.

Key Package Benefits:

– 100%  Warranty on complete equipment package (including sub components)

– Platinum dealer field support on Auto Acquire Antennas, Controllers, Amplifiers, Receivers, Modems, Switches, Cables, Phones,  Access Points  and more.

– Integrated system with documentation for training and legacy experience.

– Inventory management and advanced RMA on support.

– We test every component, document, integrate, re-test, certify and deliver.


Because a great satellite experience begins with a perfected equipment package.