What do I need on my building or vehicle to get your satellite package ?

All you need is a standard power outlet for inside equipment and a place to mount the dish.

Squire Tech provides complete packages for vehicle, trailers, and buildings.  We will work with your vehicle manufacturer, facility team, or internal IT group deliver a complete system that can be 100% operational within 30 minutes of  delivery.

With all our Squire Tech packages we provide an industry leading Service Level Agreement and Guarantee.  It includes 100% coverage of equipment, vsat system integration and satellite based internet and phone service.

Ku Band Satellite Dish. 1.2 meter

Ku Satellite Dish. 1.2 meter for remote office or backup

iDirect Satellite Internet Inside Equipment

iDirect Satellite Internet Inside Equipment

Responder satellite Equipment ready for install.

Responder satellite equipment ready for install.