Should I replace my Cable Modem or DSL with Satellite?

No.  Satellite internet communications is generally not a solution for locations that have access to terrestrial (fiber, copper, cable) circuits.  Satellite internet, phone and data equipment and service is a great backup and a great solution for remote needs, but truth of the matter is everything being equal the cost for performance on satellite is higher than any terrestrial service.  Even on a command center or FEMA trailer or major business operation, we advise to link to fiber or cell networks first.


BUT….. when you can rely on nothing else, after an event devastated all local resources, you can trust in satellite. Squire Tech Solutions’ Satellite Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Planning Services is the best in VSAT Satellite Communications. We make it easy to implement with the flexibility to quickly integrate with your current communication systems to ensure connectivity is always live,  where and when you need it.