Is the Fixed Site business continuity package just a sat dish and modem?

No.   The “Satellite Dish” and “iDirect Modem” are only about 20% of the solution.  This is a common misconception by end users  and knowledgeable resellers.

This is very much like saying your iPhone makes your cell service work.  Its an important piece and not to be dismissed, but the satellite network provider needs to put millions (or even billions) of dollars into the infrastructure to enable your satellite dish/ antenna.

The end user equipment programming and comparability will determine a successful operation when its needed.   We NEVER recommend buying equipment from a wholesale hardware distributor, third party, ebay, amazon, or elsewhere.  It’s a very risky proposition with the supplier being distanced from the performance.

Have peace of mind with a reliable business continuity satellite internet systemWhen push comes to shove, your operator (Squire Tech Solutions) is responsible for the complete system performance.