Squire Tech Gallery

Events and Trade Shows

We are involved in important industry events related to emergency response, mobile command centers, satellite internet communications, oil and gas

Flyaway VSAT Satellite Antenna Systems

AvL Flyaway Flight Case Mobile Antenna – Less Weight & More Portability Squire Tech offers cost effective solutions for portable satellite

Mobile Responder and Satellite Vehicle Integration

Mobile Responder (STS-MR) Equipment Packages Our mobile VSAT satellite antenna systems offer dependable, industrial grade satellite internet communications anywhere you need

Temporary Inflatable Military Shelter System

Squire Tech and Western Shelter Systems Partner on Communications Trailers and Temporary Inflatable Tactical Shelters for Response Environments and Shelter-less

Oil and Gas Rig Site Satellite Daily Rental Services

Oil and Gas Daily Mobile Satellite Internet Services Squire Tech Solution specializes in serving the needs of remote oil and gas

Business Continuity and Satellite Disaster Recovery

Business Connect (BC) Equipment Packages - Full Time, Fixed/ Rooftop Satellite Dish Packages for reliable Internet, Phone, Data, or Secure

Remote Location Satellite Networks

If you operate in rural or remote areas, you want fast and reliable satellite broadband Internet access. We offer


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