Telecom Satellite Disaster Recovery Services


We understand that it can be very costly for a business to lose internet connectivity for critical communications with customers and partners. This is the reason we offer reliable satellite disaster recovery services to keep your business up and running at all times. Our VSAT satellite internet equipment and networks are trusted by many businesses and government agencies across the nation.

We are the premier single source provider of:

  • Satellite Internet Services
  • Managed VPN iDirect networks
  • VoIP optimized Phone
  • pCom® communications trailer manufacturer headquartered in the United States

These satellite internet services and equipment make Squire Tech an ideal source for satellite disaster recovery services. Our expert VSAT satellite internet consultants have an average of 15 years industry experience to help you with your Emergency Satellite Communications system. When talking to us about a disaster satellite recovery plan, we will help you quickly determine the most cost effective solution for your fixed/rooftop, or mobile satellite equipment and service needs.

Squire Tech’s VSAT Satellite Networks is the most technically advanced (and natural disaster clear) operation in the Americas. We understand the importance of Emergency/ Disaster Satellite Recovery Communications Services and have developed a diversity plan to be ready when an earthquake, hurricane, terror, or other emergency event occurs.

As one of the best satellite internet communications provider, we only work with the best partners to ensure that our customers have the best equipment and services to keep their business running 24/7. Squire Tech’s satellite internet networks offer your business reliable satellite Internet connectivity, even if there is failure in your terrestrial internet services due to an emergency or disaster situation. This is all provided with the best in customer service support with our 24/7 support hotline.

We developed an easy plan just for telecom outage restoral. By working with us, you are working with the best in VSAT satellite internet communications, so you can be ready when disaster strikes. Don’t rely on anything less than Squire Tech, one of the most technically advanced Satellite Network operations in the Americas.


Backup Satellite Equipment Package

Business Rooftop Satellite
Industry Leading Warranty
3 High Speed Satellites
All Weather Rooftop System
iDirect X5 modem with routing
Disaster Recovery Proven
Rooftop VSAT
Mounts Easily to Roof or Wall
Up to 150′ away from building
VPN Compliant*



Domestic availability: United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico
Good For: Telephone and Internet, Business Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Squire Tech Solutions’ Satellite Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Planning Services is the best in VSAT Satellite Communications. We make it easy to implement with the flexibility to quickly integrate with your current communication systems to ensure connectivity is always live, where and when you need it.

Phone and Fax Backup
Network prioritization

Broadband Internet Network
Enterprise class components
Multi-source WAN gateway

3 Satellites
Pointing Options
24 x 7 Support Infrastructure

Technical Capabilities

Squire Tech Solutions’ Satellite Telecom Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Planning Services offer a simple VSAT satellite antenna and modem/router/controller package to connect and be ready to restore to your existing infrastructure today.  Squire Tech’s business grade satellite internet services are preferred by many for the unsurpassed satellite equipment, networks and customer service provided. The high speed satellite broadband technology by Squire Tech is one of the most advanced business connectivity solutions, delivering:

Call Today to secure your bandwidth and Stay Operational

Speak with our Satellite Telecom Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Planning consultants about the most cost effective high performance plan available for your operation. Toll Free: 877-787-5111

Squire Tech Solutions’ Business Connect (BC) Equipment Packages and Service Plans is the best in VSAT Emergency Satellite Communications systems. The Business Connect (BC) offers low satellite latency, high quality phone and secure Internet for disaster recovery applications when and where you need it. Our small VSAT satellite antennas fit easily on the roof or on the ground and can easily be added to any existing location within 1 day. Have peace of mind and free up valuable time when dealing with outages and emergency situations. Our low cost, fast and easy hardware packages give you immediate bandwidth so you can continue to operate. Satellite Internet Service Plans Starting at $80/Mo

Business Satellite Disaster Recovery Equipment Bundles – Always On VSAT Satellite Communications

Squire Tech’s business grade satellite internet services are #1 trusted by enterprises all around the nation. Losing internet connectivity and telecommunications can be extremely costly for any business, and that is why Squire Tech offers reliable satellite disaster recovery / business continuity services to keep your business up and running at all times.


Gain the best in Satellite Disaster Recovery Services. Our Satellite Internet Access is Optimized forphone systems, internet, email and attachment, corporate VLAN, VPN network extension, radio interoperability, video conferencing, public announcement, cellular interface.

  • Their pricing plan allowed up to predict overages and provide service to all of our terminals spread throughout the State of Louisiana.

    SFP S. Cockerham, Spectrum Manager, LANG

  • Squire Tech is the only provider that went out of their way to develop a pricing plan that was suitable to our needs in emergency service.

    Louisiana National Guard

  • Squire Tech is responsive, knowledgeable and a offers great products.

    – Vice President, Intelli-Flex Inc.

  • Your team has been outstanding to work with.

    Special Operations Division,United States Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

  • In southern California earthquakes and other disasters need to be prepared for, the pCom XL trailers allow us to mobilize our radio repeater and vital response assets

    Director,Department of Public Safety University of Southern California

  • When we need service quickly for Haiti disaster response, Squire Tech stepped up BIG TIME.

    Louisiana National Guard

  • We have been using Squire Tech's daily oil and gas satellite services for 8 years. We have always been impressed with the response time, network performance, phone quality and willingness of their staff to help when we needed services in the field.

    Texas and Louisiana Oil Drilling Company

  • "You don't get more extreme than the oilfield in Northern Canada during the winter months. We knew the pCom XL was built to handle +130 above zero and we are equally impressed with the ability to go to -30 below zero temperatures!"

    − President, TOG Systems

  • "Our Terrorism Task Force was looking at competitive vendors for satellite service. We liked the fact that they could share service between our 19 state assets on a network designed for high performance operations when needed."

    − Assistant Chief,Emergency Management Division