The customer is a multi-national construction management company serving many of the largest Oil and Gas companies in world.  They have business locations that are completely “off the grid” for power, data communications, telephone or cellular which are a requirement for safety, emergency, and commercial contact to the outside world.

This construction management customer required two primary abilities before they were able to commence with construction at their customers’ location. First, they required a “Safety Department” sign off which showed they could call out in case of emergency,

Secondly, they required that employees and managers have cellular phones that functioned in a territory without cellular towers. AT&T, in conjunction with Squire Tech Solutions, designed a complete mobile cellular tower which provides for emergency communications as well and day to day operational internet and data access over satellite.

The core of the AT&T ARMZ system is ARMZ Radios which allow for 14 concurrent calls per radio.  These units work in conjunction with the AT&T cellular network once they are routed over the Squire Tech Solutions 5 Mbps x 1.5 Mbps satellite Internet network.

The key system components are designed to be remotely serviceable via any high quality IP connection.  The AT&T ARMZ package was a natural fit to enhance the pCom® and target customers with remote site and emergency cellular needs.

Mobile flyaway and vehicle park-and- use is designed for the needs of first responders and critical infrastructure customers, but is available to both government and enterprise customers.

  • Entire System deployable in less than 10 minutes.
  • AT&T Cellular Phones to function without requiring handset changes.
  • Broadband data for public Internet access.
  • Private data for secure link back to company and customer headquarters.
  • Secure Long Range Wi-Fi capabilities for the construction site employees and subcontractor access.
  • Dual axle trailer capable of being pulled by any standard tow vehicle.
  • On board clean diesel power generation for internal and external systems.
  • Large fuel tank for long run times.
  • 30’ pneumatic tower for cellular antenna, scene lighting, Wi-Fi and security cameras.
  • Environmentally controlled electronics enclosures with communication racks (42 RU for servers,
  • DVR’s, switches, AT&T ARMZ equipment, and VSAT Satellite).
  • Large storage area for critical equipment and accessories including handsets, batteries, and
  • other operational and safety tools.
  • Secure cabling infrastructure for Satellite, Cellular, and IT networking.

AT&T ARMZ Solution Features:

  • “Instant on” – using VSAT (typically in under 5 minutes)
  • Operates using AT&T licensed spectrum; any current AT&T phone can work.
  • Network white-list capability restricts general public access to only those who are registered.
  • Each picocell can support up to two radios for up to 28 concurrent calls.
  • Mobile zone deployments require little involvement from AT&T and little effort by the customer once initially set up.
  • Cellular coverage area up to ½ mile radius

"You don't get more extreme than the Northern Canada Oil Field in the winter. We knew the pCom XL was built to handle +130 above zero. We were impressed with the ability to go to -30 below zero temperatures!"

− President, TOG Systems

"We have been using Squire Tech's daily oil and gas satellite services for 8 years. We have always been impressed with the response time, network performance, phone quality and willingness of their staff to help when we needed services in the field."

− Texas and Louisiana Oil Drilling Company

"When we need service quickly for Haiti disaster response, Squire Tech stepped up BIG TIME."

− Louisiana National Guard

"At the Department of Child and Family Services our goal is to be able to bring the critical data with us to support the families after an event, like a hurricane. Our 8 pCom trailers were a perfect complement to our secure data management network."

− Louisiana Department and Family Services

"In southern California earthquakes and other disasters need to be prepared for, the pCom XL trailers allow us to mobilize our radio repeater and vital response assets"

− Director,Department of Public Safety University of Southern California

"Our goal was to be able to rural community with vital medical services. Squire Tech's mobile responder kits serves our Mobile fleet data and phones very well."

− Manager,Mobile Mammogram Fleet

"Our Terrorism Task Force was looking at competitive vendors for satellite service. We liked the fact that they could share service between our 19 state assets on a network designed for high performance operations when needed."

− Assistant Chief,Emergency Management Division

"Your team has been outstanding to work with."

− Special Operations Division,United States Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms