Texas A&M Disaster City needed a high tech solution that offered them dependable mobile communications even during a natural or man-made disaster/ emergency situation.

Need for High Tech Mobile Cellular & Satellite Communications

The Texas A&M Emergency Training Center is developed for First Responders to fully prepare them for any disaster situation. In the past, First Responders had to work with pen and paper when accessing extent of the damage of a disaster situation. They must quickly communicate and help come up with an immediate plan to best respond to the issues at hand. With much responsibility related to compiling vital data and getting it to public safety offices, the old pen and paper system had to go away. With pen and paper First Responders were manually adding it up data and calling the information to their team members via radio. Cleary this process was time consuming, as it would typically take 15 minutes out of each hour to put together and send. With new technology available, First Responders could now work in real time; sending and receiving data as quickly as it was captured via smart devices; phones, tablets and more.

Mobile Cellular & Satellite Trailer for real time Emergency Response

Instead of taking 15 minutes out of every hour to compile and send data to public safety offices, Texas A&M sought a solution to give them quick and easy access to high-speed satellite internet communications. Texas A&M found the ideal solution with General Dynamics C4 systems and Squire Tech Solutions’ Mobile Responder system. With these two providers, A&M now has “Cellular capability on Wheels”, (COW) which provides area coverage for advance broadband in network coverage for First Responders”.

“Instead of pen and paper, emergency response professionals now can incorporate technology with smart devices on an intact network where they enter and send data in real time while they are working through the emergency situation.” Dr. Robin Murphy, Co-Lead Center for Emergency Informatics

Texas A&M Disaster City now has access to the 4G LTE network; giving them the innovative technology to respond to disaster situations in real time. The pCom mobile command communications trailer offers instant access to communications and can be fully functional in just 3 minutes time. The pCom features a self-contained trailer with power generation, satellite internet communication, tower, lighting and the satellite communication connectivity anywhere.  With this deployable mobile satellite internet communications system, Disaster City now offers trainees the tool and preparation to protect infrastructure and save lives.

  • Increase productivity by cutting lag in communications time
  • Capability to share information in real time with public safety offices
  • Public safety network can quickly support First Responders
  • Ability to make good decisions with accurate, reliable and timely information
  • Quickly protect infrastructure and save lives
  • Entire System deployable in less than 10 minutes.
  • Private Cellular Tower
  • Broadband data for high-speed Internet access
  • Secure Long Range Wi-Fi capabilities
  • On board clean diesel power generation for internal and external systems.
  • Large fuel tank for long run times
  • 30’ pneumatic tower for cellular antenna, scene lighting, Wi-Fi and security cameras.
  • Environmentally controlled electronics enclosures with communication racks
  • Large storage area for critical equipment and accessories including handsets, batteries, and
  • other operational and safety tools
  • Secure cabling infrastructure for Satellite, Cellular, and IT networking

pCom Solution Features:

  • “Instant on” – using VSAT (typically in under 5 minutes)
  • Operates using Ku Band Satellite spectrum
  • Secure Network capability restricts general public access to only those who are registered
  • Unit can support up to 20 concurrent calls
  • WiFi coverage area up to ½ mile radius
  • Cellular coverage for up to ½ mile radius

"``The mobile command post is equipped with 4 VOIP telephones, two hard-wired computers with full internet and network access and long-range Wi-Fi for enhanced communications options out in the field. Working with Squire Tech to outfit our command post was a positive experience and every member of their team was professional and understood the needs of a public safety agency.``"

− UNT Police Technical Services Manager - B. Varcoe