Honolulu PD boosts their critical communications with a state-of-the-art mobile command center featuring a satellite system that helps extend their reach to local and federal partner agencies; especially during the times of disaster.

The Challenge:

The community’s safety is the HPD’s top priority. Keeping Honolulu the safest place to live, work, and play continues to be the Honolulu Police Department’s vision.  Chief of Police Louis Kealoha states, “The Honolulu Police Department cannot do it alone. Thanks to our community partners, our fellow city departments, other law enforcement agencies, and all of the individuals who help us keep Honolulu safe”. With an existing police mobile command center, HPD required an even more advanced satellite system to extend their communications reach with these partner agencies; especially during the times of disaster.  Because Honolulu is in an isolated region compared to the rest of the US, they couldn’t just go with any satellite network provider.

The Solution:

Squire Tech not only provides the best in satellite networks and equipment, but it is one of the few companies that offer satellite network coverage beyond the mainland United States; (Canada, Mexico and more) . The recommendation from Emergency Vehicle Inc., helped HPD make the best decision. Choosing Squire Tech’s Mobile Responder (MR 600) meant that they now are able to access the #1 trusted and most reliable satellite data, phone, and broadband communications system on the Hawaiian Islands.

The new Police Mobile Command Post for Honolulu PD meant that they are now able to better serve community; covering federal, city and state agencies during large operations. Chief of Police Louis Kealoha states, “This will allow us to respond to not just man-made but also natural disasters in a unified mobile command fashion”. HPD’s new mobile command vehicle is 65-feet long and costs just over $1.5 million. It’s equipped with the latest communications technology.  The Honolulu Police Mobile Command Center now has instant access to high speed satellite data, voice, video and WIFI access for mission critical communications to connect with other agencies around the world.  The multi-agency police mobile command center is the second of its kind for Honolulu Police Department. They also have a 40-foot long mobile police command post.

  • Satellite network coverage beyond the mainland US; (Canada, Mexico and more)
  • Multi-agency police mobile command center
  • Covers connectivity between federal, city and state agencies for large operations
  • Entire System Ready in less than 3 minutes.
  • Phones to function without requiring handset changes.
  • Broadband data for Internet access.
  • Private data for secure link to other agencies
  • Secure Long Range Wi-Fi capabilities for the Police staff
  • On board clean power UPS generation communications system
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Non Technical Staff Trained and Functional in under 3 minutes

MR 600 Solution Features:

  • “Instant on” – using VSAT (typically in under 3 minutes)
  • Operates using iDirect Satellite Equipment
  • Secure Network capability restricts general public access to only those who are registered.
  • Unit can support up to 50 concurrent calls.
  • WiFi coverage area up to ½ mile radius

"The mobile command post is equipped with 4 VOIP telephones, two hard-wired computers with full internet and network access and long-range Wi-Fi for enhanced communications options out in the field. Working with Squire Tech to outfit our command post was a positive experience and every member of their team was professional and understood the needs of a public safety agency.``"

− UNT Police Technical Services Manager - B. Varcoe