Considering post-Katrina’s affects, East Baton Rouge’s Sheriff’s Office required the absolute best in mobile satellite trailer for any emergency situation.

The Challenge: Post-Katrina: The Critical Role of Mobile Satellite Communications
It was pertinent that the EBR Parish Sheriff’s Office have the most reliable mobile satellite internet communications system available. A few of the requirements for this included a fully powered trailer with phones, internet (wireless access points), video surveillance, radio interoperability and secure VPN. The EBR Parish Sheriff’s Office wanted complete operability even if 911 call centers were not available. With a need to have a self-sufficient and dependable integrated communications system, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office found its best answer; the pCom mobile command trailer system by Squire Tech.

The Solution: Mobile Command Trailer for Critical Communications
With a wide range of satellite communications systems to choose from, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office wanted a mobile communications trailer that was rugged enough to withstand tough environments (humid, wet, hot and cool climates) while providing access to dependable self reliant communications. Additionally, the EBR Sherrif’s office wanted to work with a satellite service provider that has a great reputation with local and federal agencies. Considering post-Katrina’s affects, EBR’s Sheriff’s Office required the absolute best. Squire Tech’s pCom mobile satellite trailer offered the best features and benefits for any emergency and disaster response situation.

The pCom mobile command communications trailer offers instant access to communications and can be fully functional in just 3 minutes time. The pCom features a self-contained trailer with power generation, satellite internet communication, tower, lighting and the satellite communication connectivity anywhere.

  • Entire System deployable in less than 10 minutes.
  • AT&T Cellular Phones to function without requiring handset changes.
  • Broadband data for public Internet access.
  • Private data for secure link back to company and customer headquarters.
  • Secure Long Range Wi-Fi capabilities for the construction site employees and subcontractor access.
  • Dual axle trailer capable of being pulled by any standard tow vehicle.
  • On board clean diesel power generation for internal and external systems.
  • Large fuel tank for long run times.
  • 30’ pneumatic tower for cellular antenna, scene lighting, Wi-Fi and security cameras.
  • Environmentally controlled electronics enclosures with communication racks (42 RU for servers,
  • DVR’s, switches, AT&T ARMZ equipment, and VSAT Satellite).
  • Large storage area for critical equipment and accessories including handsets, batteries, and
  • other operational and safety tools.
  • Secure cabling infrastructure for Satellite, Cellular, and IT networking.

pCom Solution Features:

  • “Instant on” – using VSAT (typically in under 3 minutes)
  • Operates using Ku Band Satellite spectrum
  • Secure Network capability restricts general public access to only those who are registered
  • Unit can support up to 20 concurrent calls
  • WiFi coverage area up to ½ mile radius

"The mobile command post is equipped with 4 VOIP telephones, two hard-wired computers with full internet and network access and long-range Wi-Fi for enhanced communications options out in the field. Working with Squire Tech to outfit our command post was a positive experience and every member of their team was professional and understood the needs of a public safety agency.``"

− UNT Police Technical Services Manager - B. Varcoe