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Gallery Category: pCom® XL – Powered Mobile Satellite Communications Trailer

Campus Safety - Emergency Response System

Campus Safety Begins with Power Protection. From Cameras to Fire Alarm Systems to Emergency Comms, it is important have Security and Power Systems to defend against serious problems. Squire Tech's pCom XL Comms Trailer provides quick access to power restoration and private satellite / cellular connectivity.

Border Security Expo

Squire Tech was a proud Sponsor of the 2017 Border Security Expo. Our state-of-the-art pCom® satellite trailer helps border security teams and emergency managers across the nation, access mission critical communications anywhere.

Satellite Show 2017

2017 SatShow was truly an amazing event. With 350 exhibitors and 85,000 sq. feet of show floor, we experienced firsthand, some of the finest satellite technologies on earth. The team at Squire Tech looks forward to next year’s show.

SatShow 2017 Photos

2017 SatShow

We had a great time showcasing our leading edge pCom® XL Comms on Wheels System at the 2017 SATSHOW.  The #1 trusted and recommended Cellular / Satellite Trailer System.

pCom XL Comms on Wheels Satellite Trailer

The pCom XL by Squire Tech is the leading edge clean powered, self-contained satellite comms / cell on wheels trailer. In rugged terrain and in the middle of nowhere, the pCom can quickly deploy reliable, high speed satellite and even cellular communications. Truly a powerful COW (cell on wheels) trailer; the reason so many agencies and serious enterprises around the world trust and depend on Squire Tech's pCom XL trailer. http://www.squiretechsolutions.com/pcom-xl-satellite-trail…/ #pCom #CellonWheels #SatelliteTrailer #poweredTrailer#cellulartrailer #SquireTech

pCom XL

Did you know that Squire Tech offers the very best technology in powered comms trailers? With or without satellite, the pCom XL is #1 trusted and recommended in the industry; offering a rugged self-enclosed system for quick access to phone and data within minutes of deployment. #SalliteCommsTrailer #COWtrailer #CellOnWheelsTrailer #SquireTech#pCom #PoweredCommunications #SatelliteTrailerwww.SquireTechSolutions.com

pCom XL Satellite Trailer

The pCom® XL comms trailer is the industry’s top-rated cellular and satellite system. Equipped with clean power and lighting, it takes less than 10 minutes to deploy. Requiring no special technical training to operate, with up to 2 weeks of service provided by a “hot refillable” 93 gallon internal diesel tank, nothing beats Squire Tech’s pCom® XL communications trailer. http://www.squiretechsolutions.com/pcom-xl-satellite-trail…/ #pCom #SquireTech #CommsOnWheels #SatelliteTrailer#pComTrailer #CellOnWheels #PoweredTrailer

pCom XL Comms Trailer

There are many reasons the pCom® XL (powered satellite communications trailer systems) is #1 recommended across the nation. Since 2007, Squire Tech has designed the leading edge in Cell On Wheels/ Comms on Wheels technology; offering a compact, rugged and self-contained satellite / cellular system that performs in any environment. The electronics bays in the pCom® have a smart filtration management system designed for rugged environments including; humid, wet, hot and cool environments. http://www.squiretechsolutions.com/pcom-xl-satellite-trail…/ #pCom#SquireTech #SatelliteNews #SatelliteTech #CellonWheels #SatelliteTrailer#PoweredSatellite