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Access Communications Anywhere

Squire Tech allows serious operations to communicate anywhere, even while on-the-go. Our AvL flyaway flight case mobile satellite antenna system offers portability while delivering reliable connectivity.…/

Oil & Gas Rig Satellite Internet - Remote Locations

Trusted and reliable Oil & Gas Rig Satellite Internet - Remote Locations

Fixed, mobile VSAT and satellite trailer communication systems

Squire Tech offers satellite systems delivering critical communications to fit your needs, including fixed, mobile VSAT and trailer communication systems.

Communicate in Real Time ANYWHERE

Squire Tech offers real time satellite communications system that is dependable with top rated satellite equipment and service.

Drilling Rig Remote Site Satellite Phone, Data and Internet

Oil Gas Rig Remote Site with Satellite Communications

Oil and Gas Rig Site with Satellite Internet, Data and Phone Communications

Daily Satellite Internet, Phone and Data Rental

Satellite Dish on Trailer - Remote Locations Rental