Gallery Category: Business Continuity and Satellite Disaster Recovery

Satellite Internet Phone & Data Backup

With winter storm season here, there is no doubt that it will affect traditional forms of communications. With Squire Tech’s high-speed and reliable satellite system and services, you’ll weather the storm and continue to enjoy connectivity… even in some of the most remote locations on earth.

Access Communications Anywhere

Squire Tech allows serious operations to communicate anywhere, even while on-the-go. Our AvL flyaway flight case mobile satellite antenna system offers portability while delivering reliable connectivity.…/

Satellite Disaster Recover/ Backup System

Squire Tech offers the very best in failover and disaster recovery satellite communication systems. Even when the very worst could happen, our fixed satellite systems helps your organization stay connected with the rest of the world.

High Speed Satellite Backup Internet - Business Continuity

Squire Tech offers high-speed backup satellite service available 24/7. Our satellite systems are ideal when the unexpected happens.

Fixed VSAT AvL satellite antenna systems

Maintain business continuity with our fixed satellite antenna system and service, even in an unexpected event. We offer agencies and serious enterprises reliable internet broadband, voice and video connectivity it is needed most.

Remote Satellite Connecitivty - AvL VSAT Satelllite

Tge Squire Tech team has provided reliable satellite connectivity; delivering video, voice and data anywhere… even to remote locations.

Fixed, mobile VSAT and satellite trailer communication systems

Squire Tech offers satellite systems delivering critical communications to fit your needs, including fixed, mobile VSAT and trailer communication systems.

Business Connect ‪‎Satellite Backup‬ Internet Services

We help keep your business up and running at all times with our Business Connect ‪‎Satellite Backup‬ Internet Services.

Satellite Disaster Recovery‬ and ‪Business Continuity‬ of Operations Planning Services

Squire Tech Solutions’ ‪Satellite Disaster Recovery‬ and ‪Business Continuity‬ of Operations Planning Services is the best in ‪#‎VSATSatellite‬ Communications. We make it easy to implement with your current system(s) to ensure connectivity is always live, where and when you need it.