Comprehensive Communications Services

Out response to Hurricane Katrina, the concept for CCS was born. During and after such a catastrophic event telecommunications takes on even more importance because in many situations the ability to communicate can be the difference between life and death for the disaster victims. It became painfully obvious that telecommunication providers needed to be able to provide emergency communications and power in the event that all normal local resources were lost: no power, no cellular, no local phone service, even no land mobile radio service.

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CCS’s founders and current ownership made the decision at that time to develop a “comprehensive” package of communication and power equipment that could be quickly deployed anywhere in the world. A great deal of research went into what components needed to be a part of this disaster response package and some of the most valuable data was obtained from feedback from actual customers that had experienced firsthand a disaster or crisis that affected their communication network. Over the course of a year, products were selected and relationships with suppliers were created to put together our initial product offerings. Please contact me directly with any questions or comments.
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