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Squire Tech Solutions Sponsors Border Security Expo and Presents Ruggedized Communications Trailer Systems

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Squire Tech is a Primary Border Security Expo Sponsor and exhibitor at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to sponsorship, Squire Tech will have on display its industry leading commercial off-the-shelf communications trailer platform, the pCom® XL.  A live demonstration of features and operational ease-of-use will be on April 13th at the Bandera Gun Club during the Border Security Expo Demo Day.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – The Colony, Texas – Squire Tech Solutions LLC, the industry leader of turnkey ‘Communications Anywhere’ platforms, is pleased to announce its exhibition in booth #617 at the upcoming Border Security Expo April 11-12, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX.  Squire Tech’s pCom® XL will be featured in the display, showing operations options for critical border security applications including:

  • Unmanned surveillance and relay towers
  • UAV base of operations and backhaul
  • VSAT backhaul in the ‘chain or coms’ (optional or custom spec)
  • Extended runtime (unmanned) systems with remote video, night vision, biometrics
  • Featuring a non-technical 5-minute deployment
  • Heavy duty single operator/single button tower- featuring 5 minute deploy and under 3 minute stow with up to 300lbs top load options (un-guyed)

Squire Tech’s pCom® XL is a true untethered base of operations infrastructure for DHS, Border Security and Remote territory ‘invisible wall’ monitoring.

Media Contact: Michael B. Zalle
Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Squire Tech Solutions LLC
(877) 787.5111

About Squire Tech Solutions

Squire Tech Solutions LLC is the industry leader in providing turnkey ‘Communications Anywhere’ platforms for State, Local and Federal mobile command, permanent locations and temporary IP/Private network infrastructure.  Business solutions focus on satellite internet communications equipment, services and networks while being supported by the industry’s top rated satellite equipment manufacturers and led by a best in class 24/7 customer support team. Squire Tech’s satellite internet, phone and data services include; pCom® XL satellite internet trailer, mobile satellite equipment for vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, fixed / rooftop satellite solutions for businesses, satellite backup/ disaster recovery, and daily rental satellite communications for remote locations. Call Squire Tech Solutions at (877) 787.5111 or go to for more information.

pCom® XL, The Leading Edge Comms on Wheels System at the 2017 SATSHOW

the pCom® XL, The Leading Edge Comms on Wheels System at the 2017 SATSHOW

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Squire Tech Solutions Showcases the pCom® XL, The Leading Edge Comms on Wheels System at the 2017 SATSHOW

Squire Tech Solutions proudly showcases its state-of-the-art satellite and cellular on wheels trailer system, the pCom® XL, at the 2017 SATSHOW at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC Mar 6-9th – Booth # 515.  

The Colony, TX. – Squire Tech Solutions Innovative pCom XL Comms on Wheels Trailer Exhibited at the 2017 SATSHOW.  Squire Tech Solutions is excited to announce that the pCom XL state-of-the-art Comms of Wheels Satellite Trailer will be showcased at this year’s SATSHOW.  Held from Monday March 6 through Thursday March 9, 2017, the SatShow brings together over an incredible 14,000 of the world’s leading satellite communication innovators to share their ideas, enthusiasm, and inventions for exploring the connected world. Satellite technology shapes a large percentage of our communications today. Individuals from engineers to entrepreneurs from over 150 global nations will gather at the Satellite Show, a not-to-be-missed satellite technology event. Other attendees include exceptional speakers such as Jeff Bezos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, and founder of Blue Origin. The four day event will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, located in Washington, DC. Squire Tech Solutions will be at exhibit booth 515 from March 7 through March 9, displaying the leading edge pCom XL Communications Trailer.

The #1 Trusted & Recommended Comms on Wheels Trailer Platform

The pCom XL VSAT communication trailer featured in this year’s SATSHOW has transformed the satellite communication industry, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to stay connected. The mobile powered satellite communications trailer is ideal for operations in need of communications in remote locations or for emergency response, where traditional or terrestrial connectivity is unavailable.  There are many reasons why Squire Tech’s pCom XL Trailer is the choice for serious organizations.  Offering an unmatched, integrated, scalable, clean power, heavy duty design, the pCom also comes with the best warranty on the market. It does not wear out or rust; a flaw other trailers on the market have. Squire Tech’s pCom will work efficiently even in environments susceptible to humidity, water intrusion, and other potential issues. Customers enjoy the fact that the pCom XL VSAT communication trailer is quickly deployed; offering clean power, high speed internet, and even a private cellular network in about 15 minutes of deployment.


pCom XL’s Versatile Design for Remote Connectivity & Emergency Response

Many times it is during a disaster or emergency event when operations requires communications to perform their mission critical or lifesaving tasks. Time and time again, Squire Tech’s pCom XL Cell on Wheels System has performed during such situations and because of its reliable design, the pCom XL is #1 trusted and recommended in the industry.  Some of the benefits of Squire Tech’s pCom XL trailer includes the capability to:

  • Quickly transform any vehicle into a state-of-the-art mobile uplink truck (SNG truck)
  • Provide Critical Communications for public safety/ mobile response teams, corporate, entertainment, sporting, news events and even Oil and Gas industry applications.
  • Offer reliable connectivity to State and Federal Responders, FEMA, DHS, Border Patrol, Critical Remote communications needs, First Responders and more.

About Squire Tech Solutions

satellite trailer pCom XL emergency response cellular on wheels trailer COW by Squire TechSquire Tech Solutions is an industry leader, providing the #1 trusted cellular and satellite internet services for reliable satellite communications anywhere. Squire Tech’s equipment, services and networks are supported by the Industry’s Top Rated industrial grade satellite internet equipment and the best in class 24/7 customer support team. Squire Tech’s satellite internet, phone and data services include; pCom® satellite internet trailer, mobile satellite equipment for vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, fixed /rooftop satellite solutions for businesses, satellite backup/ disaster recovery, and daily rental satellite communications for remote locations. Call Squire Tech Solutions at (877) 787.5111 for more information.


Michael Zalle
Vice President
(877) 787.5111

Portable Fly and Drive Satellite Internet Systems

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With Squire Tech Solutions, portable fly and drive satellite internet systems are not only possible, but also made easy.  We realize the need for reliable satellite connectivity when it comes to internet, phone and data… especially on the go. For serious organization and agencies, there is nothing more important than taking satellite communications on the go… even in locations not yet determined.  No matter where your operation takes you and your team, Squire Tech works hard to provide satellite internet systems (equipment and service) that allow for continuous access to high speed broadband network.  With top rated satellite equipment, our satellite service packages are next to none.  We offer many options to choose from, allowing you to deploy satellite comms within minutes.  Our customers depend on the portability of our mobile satellite systems, often taking them to some of the most remote and rugged locations on earth. The lightweight antenna satellite systems can be transported anywhere you can fly or drive. Or, customers can choose to simply mount them on various vehicles including trucks, SUVS, and more. In both cases, the mobile satellite antenna systems provide IP communications and work on almost any vehicle.

Reliable Satellite Internet System Plans

Squire Tech’s portable fly and drive satellite internet packages allow you the choice of what fits your unique operation.  All plans guarantee connection and additionally we focus on excellence in customer service.  We provide 24×7 customer support on all our packages and equipment, to help make sure you always stay connected and have the support you need anywhere and anytime. Such portable satellite internet systems start as low as $80 a month; a small investment for any serious organization.  Choose from mobile, rental, full time options, or even the latest pCom trailer applications, all of which are geared towards creating continuous connected services. Additionally, Squire Tech’s plans include iDirect Satellite Internet and ensure phone, data, email, VPN, radio, video, and more, are always working. All plans offer flexibility and dependability you can count on.

Call Us at Squire Tech Solutions Today

Contact us at Squire Tech Solutions today to learn more about our satellite services and equipment packages.  We’re here to answer any other questions you may have. We can walk you through step by step how our equipment and packages work, or help you choose which plan might be the right choice for you and your various applications.


police mobile command center satellite

Mobile Responder Satellite System and Service

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#1 Mobile Satellite Service – Mobile Command Centers/ Posts

Trusted nationwide, Squire Tech Solutions has created innovative satellite solutions, allowing for advanced connectivity anywhere. Our company’s Mobile Responder system are satellite internet packages perfect for enterprises and agencies that require mission critical communications.  The Mobile Responder high speed broadband service are idea for work environments where access to traditional communications can sometimes be lacking.  Squire Tech offers top rated VSAT Satellite Equipment to ensure constant and fast access to reliable connections. America’s number one choice for mobile satellite systems, Squire Tech Solutions, Mobile Responder System integrates quality VSAT satellite antennas to any mobile command center. Be connected anywhere, even when on the go.

Technology Used in Mobile Satellite Systems

At Squire Tech Solutions, we make sure the technology uses is the latest in satellite advancements, allowing your operation to focus job at hand. Using quality VSAT antenna and hardware systems, Squire Tech helps you  stay in communication without the hassle of depending on unreliable cellular networks or phone lines. Satellite integration packages are ideal in turning many trucks, SUVs, trailers, RVs into the ultimate mobile command center.  Our mobile satellite system packages vary from Stand By to 5 and 15 day Unlimited packages.  come with many options including advanced Mobile Satellite internet services, fax options, AvL Vehicle Mount Mobile VSAT Antennas, AvL Fly and Drive Antennas, AvL Flyaway Flight Case Mobile Antennas, mobile responder STS-MR equipment packages, SIP trunk satellite PBX solutions, broadband internet network, and more. With a 3 minute connect time for every package, no computers or laptops are necessary, and your business will still have internet, email, radio, fax, video conferencing capability, and more. Additionally, the components used come with incredible extended warranty plans, helping guarantee customer satisfaction.

Mobile Responder Packages Perfect For

Squire Tech Solution’s mobile satellite system’s services begin at a rate of $80 per month, and can be used anywhere. The packages available are an easy, efficient solution for various businesses including individuals and companies working with emergency response, command centers, incident response, trailers, etc. Such fields rely on communications, and a lack of constant connectivity can result in negative consequences. Oil and gas vehicles, trailers, fire service communication centers, police mobile command centers, hospital or university satellite communications, university campus satellite mobile command centers, law enforcement communication units, and more, are just some of the examples of communication system centers that can benefit from the features of Squire Tech Solution’s mobile satellite systems. Such fields are often located in environments where stable connection is hard to find.

Please visit for more details regarding mobile satellite system packages you can purchase through Squire Tech Solutions or call us for 24/7 support.

Military Communications Satellites

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When it comes to mission critical communications for the military, Squire Tech has always been the recommended service provider, specifically for military communications satellites.  We offer both fixed and mobile satellite systems for a wide range of applications, depending on project requirements.  Our pCom XL trailers and inflatable military tent shelters are among our many options for military communication satellite packages. With many operations do not know where they will be setting up even the day before. Mobility for the US Army and other military organizations is essential in addition to requiring critical connectivity at all times.  Squire Tech Solution’s temporary inflatable military shelter tents and pCom trailers are leading the industry in military communication satellites, providing shelter, communication, power, and more… all deployable within minutes.

Military Shelter Satellite Communications Trailer

Military Communications – Quick Shelter and Dependable Comms

Power outages or working in areas where a lack of connectivity is common, can cause potentially dangerous consequences, particularly during emergency situations. Squire Tech Solutions has created satellite communication solutions for such events and field operations. For military organizations, access to communication is vital, and Squire Tech has worked hard to provide a unique solution to both instant satellite communications and shelter.  Teamed up, the pCom communications trailers and Western Shelter’s Sentinel I inflatable tents offer the very best in remote communications solutions.

Features of Temporary Inflatable Military Shelters and pCom Trailers  

Squire Tech Solution’s inflatable military shelter tent solution offer a large amount of usable space, with 172 square footage. In addition to a comfortable environment that protects from harsh weather conditions, windows are included for visibility, HVAC access ports are incorporated as well, and internal inflators that get rid of the need for additional pumps or other installation accessories. Other benefits include its portability, making it fit perfectly in our world class pCom XL communication trailers. Once a location is decided, simply remove the portable shelter and deploy.  The shelters are usable within minutes, and easy to install with their soft-wall inflatable features. Not much labor or time is required to achieve protection from the elements and reliable communication with Squire Tech. For military operations working in remote locations, such inflatable and mobile features are key. The option of shelters or creating shelters along with satellite trailers allows Squire Tech Solutions to provide military communication systems that ensure reliable connection and a protective environment.

Please visit to learn more about all military communication systems packages available through Squire Tech Solutions or to purchase a package today.


Welcome to our Satellite Blog

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In the context of spaceflight, a satellite is an artificial object which has been intentionally placed into orbit. Such objects are sometimes called artificial satellites to distinguish them from natural satellites such as the Moon. The world’s first artificial satellite, the Sputnik 1, was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. Since then, thousands of satellites have been launched into orbit around the Earth. Read More